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How We Market Your Coverage

Finding the right insurance company matters… This is probably the strongest argument for working with an independent insurance broker. It is vital that you are able to consider different and varied options to determine the best risk management strategy for your given scenario.

As an independent brokerage, Risk Concepts has established long-term relationships with top national and regional insurers. The list on this page isn’t necessarily exhaustive, but we hope it helps you understand how deep our industry access really is. What you can’t see from lists and logos is the depth of the relationship we have with these well- respected insurers and how that makes a significant difference to our clients.

How much you pay for insurance often depends on how well the broker understands your unique business, presents information to the marketplace and then maximizes an underwriter’s confidence to take on your risk.  Somewhat like a tool or a musical instrument – the result usually depends on the skill and experience of the person using it… We’ve spent years building relationships with high quality insurers who are ready to listen as we share your story and negotiate on your behalf.

The end result is that our insurers listen as we tell them your story so they can price the real risk and not use generalized standards. As the insurance marketplace continually changes, we work hard to determine which insurers are the are the most competitive in in providing coverage to a given industry.

This is where Risk Concepts’ true value can benefit your business.