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Risk Concepts Insurance Brokers provides California businesses with high quality advice and service to identify risk and create the best solutions to manage it. As a partner in one of the nation’s largest brokerages, Acrisure, Risk Concepts has the market access, knowledge and experience to handle all lines of commercial insurance, personal insurance, surety bonding and employee benefits. Risk Concepts can also provide valued resources in the areas of life insurance, business continuation and estate planning.

What sets Risk Concepts apart is responsive and personal service as provided by our staff of long-term, educated and cross-trained team members who serve as trusted advisors and advocates to help you manage risk reduce uncertainty and increase profit.

When was the last time a risk expert sat down with you to analyze the risks your business faces, determine which of them you should insure and which of them you can manage without the expense of insurance? These are everyday conversations at Risk Concepts. Conversations we not only have with new relationships but also as a frequent interaction with long-time clients.

Risk Concepts Insurance Brokers serves as your Trusted Advisor

Risk Concepts serves as trusted advisor to California businesses across all lines of industry. Founded on the premise that clients can often be best served by a smaller, knowledgeable and resourceful brokerage firm, Risk Concepts provides consistently high quality service while maintaining extensive insurance market access for its clients. This translates into the best combination of quality coverage and competitive terms.

We have proudly served some of our clients for more than 20 years, starting before Risk Concepts President, Mike Robertson CPCU, founded the firm in 2005. Mike started his career as an insurance broker in 1983. Prior to founding Risk Concepts, Mike was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of a Bay Area brokerage that was ranked in the top 1% of the United States.

Choosing the right insurance coverage requires balance between understanding the real threats to your business against how much risk you’re willing and able to retain yourself. Most businesses have legal and contractual insurance needs, however beyond those, the choices become your own.

Here’s how we think…

Even within the same industry, each business faces different risks and every owner has a unique perspective in dealing with those risks.  Businesses also have different short-term and long-term objectives.  How to best manage risk is a function of all of these factors. Determining what that means for your particular situation starts with a conversation – with us listening to you…

Who tells your story to the insurance market matters…

What you’ll pay for insurance depends not only on market conditions but also on how well insurance underwriters understand you, the risks you face and ways you’re already working to control them. That’s where you’ll recognize Risk Concepts’ true value to you.

Who hears your story matters, too…

We’ve spent years building trusted relationships with high quality insurance providers prepared to listen as we tell them your story so they can price real risk not generalized standards.  Plus, we work hard to understand which insurers are interested in writing which kinds of insurance in which industries at any given time.

What does this mean for you?

Good business sense. You get advice and options that reduce uncertainty, increases your profit and makes you a stronger competitor in your given industry.

Bottom line:  Working with Risk Concepts Insurance Brokers is good business for you.