Can You Name All of the Valuables in Your Home?

Your home is the place where you put all of your valuables and precious belongings for safekeeping. Yet if you had a fire or some natural disaster damage the house would you be able to name everything that’s missing? If you answer no, then you need to take some time out and create a home inventory list.

Start by going through each room and cataloging each item that has value, such as jewelry, televisions, computers, etc. Take pictures of the items, even stand back and photograph the entire room to show placement. Print out the pictures and put them with the list. If you have receipts of major items, photocopy them and put them with the list as well. Doing all of this acts as proof that you owned the item in case you ever need to file an insurance claim.

A home inventory also helps you determine a total valuation on all of your possessions. This total can then be used to determine if you have enough insurance or need more. You want to make sure that you’ll get enough money from the policy in case of a disaster. Not having enough means you won’t be able to replace some items.

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