Foster A Dream

It’s important to support dreams. Dreams are what make success become a reality. Risk Concepts Insurance Brokers takes the time to give back and help dreams come true. Our mentoring and commitment initiative with the Foster a Dream organization has been phenomenal! As an annual financial contributor to the “Dream Maker” program, we take our involvement seriously. Kelli and Mike Robertson have completed the youth mentoring training and have become our front-running advocates for the program. The Foster a Dream project is a non-profit organization providing scholarships, daily living support and group-based activities for individuals who are about to “age out” of the foster system. They need our help and we’re here to give it! One small gesture of caring can make a definitive impact on our youth. Our goal is to ensure these individuals have a fighting chance to experience a better life and better opportunities. You never know when you’re contributing to the development of your next CEO, legislator or even President of the United States! You can make a difference too! For more information on the Foster a Dream organization and how you can become involved in the California area, contact Risk Concepts Insurance Brokers.