Having a Contractor’s General Liability Insurance Protects You and Your Business from Lawsuits

You may not realize it, but when you are a contractor working on a project, you are putting yourself at risk of a lawsuit. All it takes is for the client to find fault with your work in order to initiate a civil suit against you. This has the potential to wipe out your business, especially if the customer does not want to give you the opportunity to fix the problem. Or maybe you have tried to make them happy and they are not accepting anything you have done. Making it worse is the fact that you’ve signed a contract that specifies the work you are to do, and the client is claiming you breached the contract.

On the one hand, you know you and your employees have performed to specifications, but the lawsuit happens anyways. Having a contractor’s general liability policy provides a wall of protection between you and the disgruntled client. The policy is designed to defend against a claim that you didn’t do the job properly, and works to settle the issue with the client. This could be sending in legal representation to determine a settlement, or naming a sum of money to make the client whole. However it is resolved, the fact that you had a policy in place means your business is protected.

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