If you’re taking your motorcycle for a spin this summer, make sure you’re covered.

One of the biggest perks of summer is being able to take your motorcycle out for a spin. Regardless of whether you are a hardcore biker or a hobbyist, there are few experiences that are more exhilarating than feeling the buffeting wind against your body and the warm temperatures on your skin as you ride your bike on an open road. But before you enjoy all the freedom and the fun that comes with biking, make sure you have the proper insurance coverage.

Biking, like any other activity has its own risks. Your bike can get damaged in an accident, or it can get vandalized, or stolen. You could get stranded in the middle of nowhere because of a dead battery or a mechanical problem. Sometimes, despite your best precautions, accidents happen, injuring you or somebody else or causing damage to property. Having the proper motorcycle insurance ensures that you are protected from financial liability in the event anything like this ever happens to you when biking.

Motorcycle insurance policies cover the same sort of events that are covered by a typical automobile insurance policy. A standard motorcycle insurance policy will provide bodily injury and property damage liability coverage, comprehensive and collision insurance coverage and payments for medical care in case you get hurt in an accident. Many insurance companies provide specialized roadside assistance for motorcycle riders and also coverage for custom accessories and parts.

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