Insurance for your Winter Vacation Home

As arctic temperatures move in, severe weather may urge folks to purchase a sunny vacation home. As cold becomes undesirable, a second home offers comfort during winter months. Individuals or family can enjoy the warmth of sunshine and water, while ice and snow covers their primary residence. A warm retreat can be a wonderful escape for the winter season, but will require solid homeowners insurance.

When insuring a second, or vacation, home, it is wise to have coverage for different types of damage.  The three major kind of insurance include fire, flood, and wind coverage. Especially for homes near water, an insurance policy should include this wind coverage in case of hurricane damage. Also, with the home being vacant for a significant chunk of the year, theft and vandalism coverage is recommended, too.

It is important to prepare for unforeseen damages to your winter vacation home.  For year round peace of mind, a homeowners insurance policy protects your property in the event of negative circumstances. The luxury of a summer retreat is made complete with a vacation atmosphere and great insurance.

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