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  • JV
    ...your company consistently does the best overall job.Read Full Review

    “I want to thank you, Serena, and the rest of your staff for the outstanding job your firm does for us.

    Some firms make an insurance sale, and then are passive and invisible until renewal time. Your firm is the opposite– you proactively “look and listen” for potential problems throughout the year, offer suggestions, answer questions rapidly and thoroughly, and then at the end of the policy term make sure that the renewal is in the client’s best interest– with rates, terms, coverage, exclusions, etc.

    We’ve worked with several firms over the years, and your company consistently does the best overall job. I sure appreciate it!”

  • DS
    So glad to work with such a team.Read Full Review

    “Thank you both for all the work to get this cert. So glad to work with such a team.”

  • CR
    Thank you Mike – as always you are appreciated more than you know!
  • CR
    YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
  • CR
    ...your quick response was greatly appreciated.Read Full Review

    “Just wanted to thank you for getting me the corrected proof of insurance for DMV that I requested yesterday, your quick response was greatly appreciated. Thanks again!”

  • CR
    I want to thank Serena for being so nice and professional.
  • CR
    Thank you so much. I really appreciate this you made my day.
  • CR
    You guys are awesome!Read Full Review

    “Thank you Mike – as always you are appreciated more than you know! Wow. RCI is blowing my previous broker out of the water with the customer service. You guys are awesome! Make sure the bosses know how happy I am so far!”

  • CR
    ...thank you for being proactive...Read Full Review

    “Serena, I have been talking to Jonathan about this and greatly look forward to switching the brokerage over to you guys in April… I CC’d him on this as well, thank you for being proactive about it, I have never received anything like this from my previous broker.”

  • CR
    FANTASTIC!Read Full Review

    “FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work Mike, you are doing a wonderful job and it is very much appreciated.”

  • CR
    Thanks again!Read Full Review

    “THANK YOU, for getting right out, I really appreciate it. This job is scheduled to go this Monday and they need to have this for us to proceed. Thanks again!”

  • CR
    ...great customer service...Read Full Review

    “You have no idea how much I appreciate her great customer service, she will always go the extra mile to help me and put out with my sometimes damn ass questions.”

  • CR
    Thanks for making my job easier.Read Full Review

    “I called your office and spoke to Carrie. She was extremely helpful and courteous in trying to get the correct VIN #. I think she tried every avenue she could to help. I just wanted to let you know you have a wonderful teammate. People always tell you the bad that people do and they forget to mention the good. Thanks for making my job easier. Thanks Mike..and thank you for being who you are. I feel your care, commitment, and loyalty not only as a business alliance but as an individual. That for me is invaluable and certainly not insurable!”

  • C
    I'm going to start by saying you guys rock!Read Full Review


    I’m going to start by saying you guys rock! Unfortunately I’v had to call twice this year for two different incidence something we have really done in twenty one years in business. Both times that I’ve called your company has been super helpful and guided me through the process. Thank you so much for your exceptional customer service.

  • C
    You and your team have been delightful over the years.Read Full Review

    “You and your team have been delightful over the years. Such a great group of people to work with and always looking out for Tim and his companies, I cannot be more grateful. My only regret was not being able to meet with you face to face but here is a big hug and my thanks for all you have done.”