Slow down, save money … and lives

If you are like many drivers, then you have spent some time speeding while you drive. Whether you speed up out of habit or you are speeding because you are late, it is always an unsafe way to drive a motor vehicle.

Tickets and Your Insurance

When you drive above the speed limit, police can give you a ticket. After a ticket, you will see an increase in your insurance rate. Depending on the exact speed limit and the extent that you sped up, the exact impact will vary. By slowing down, you will save money by avoiding that ticket and you will take fewer risks.

Saving Lives

The posted speed limit is set at the speed based on the safety of the road. Slowing down ensures that you are able to react to any possible situation, which reduces the chances of an accident. You can save lives while you reduce your insurance costs by keeping to the posted limit.

Driving safety is always an important part of reducing the number of risks that you and your loved ones face. To learn more about saving on insurance in the Lafayette area, contact Risk Concepts Insurance Brokers.