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Comprehensive Brokerage and Consulting Services for All Lines of Coverage

Contractor InsuranceHappy with your insurance but looking for options?

Most brokers either don’t know about or can’t access all of the best construction markets – leaving room for a resourceful competitor to bring new ideas and more renewal options. Give Risk Concepts 10 minutes of your time to gather information and we’ll create proposal options well worth your consideration.

Have a problem and need a solution?

Solving problems starts with someone listening. Risk Concepts will listen to your concerns, ask questions and then build the best solution options.

Some of the more common problems we see are:

Broker lacks contractor experience and construction market knowledge. Contractor ends up paying too much or doesn’t have the right coverage (sometimes both). Insurance costs and coverage can make the difference in winning or losing a bid.

Broker lacks understanding of contract requirements. Certificates aren’t issued in a timely or correct manner. Contractor loses work, takes on uninsured risk and/or doesn’t get paid by the GC or project owner.

Workers’ Comp claims are driving premiums up and putting an OSHA target on your back. Contractor can’t be competitive because of high premium costs, lost employee productivity and the need to hire/train replacements. Contractor doesn’t meet new OSHA law (AB 2774) and can be fined heavily for non-compliance.

Risk Concepts Services

Daily Communications & Service

Over time, our society has become accustomed to near-instant communication and the concept of “immediate gratification”. Risk Concepts understands the value of a quick response. Our responses are in sync with what you need, why it’s important to you and when you need it. Our daily operations are virtually “paperless” and this allows us to provide client service in an efficient, timely and accurate manner. Our team is very stable with little or no turnover – which affords clients the long-term opportunity to get to know and appreciate our people. Risk Concepts brokers are available 24/7 via e-mail and cell phone should an urgent issue arise.

Certificate & Endorsement Issuance

This important process starts with a review of client contracts to analyze the amount of risk the client is assuming and to out point areas where the assumed risk may exceed the client’s insurance coverage. We often assist in the negotiation of less onerous insurance terms. Client certificate requests are typically received/sent via e-mail and we strive to turn them around in a timely and accurate manner – which saves client staff time and assures prompt payment by GCs and project owners.

Risk Management Strategies

Our mission is to help you to reduce your total cost of risk – beyond just the cost of insurance. We will provide an advisor perspective as to how you can manage risk by retaining it yourself – without insurance, retain it yourself and insure it, transfer it to other parties or if there are no other practical options, avoid the risk altogether.

Loss Control Services

Our goal is to promote continuous improvement in workplace safety and loss prevention. We assist clients by providing strategic planning, a comprehensive ready-to-use workplace safety program, workplace safety meeting materials, developing return-to-work programs, on-line OSHA recordkeeping, accident investigations and implementing employee discipline and incentive plans.